Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Although I love our leather couches for looks and durability, the one thing I dislike about them is their temperature in the winter. They're COLD to sit on! And once you've warmed up a spot, you hate to move over and make room for someone else.

Our solution: Inexpensive fleece throws. (We paid $5 each for ours at Walgreen's a year ago.) When not in use, we keep them shoved between one end of the couch and the wall, out of sight but conveniently ready to sit or lie on or cover up with for a little rest time. In fact, we use them any time we're feeling chilly, as we tend to keep our thermostat slightly cooler than is comfortable if you're just sitting. (Which rarely happens in this active household, granted...but sometimes even the kids do sit down and read or use the computer.)

I've also started keeping one in the car, to throw over my legs while I'm driving. I'm so toasty now in my van that I hate to get out at my destination!

Fleece throws--warm, versatile, lightweight and easily hidden. Works for me!

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jennwa said...

I love my fleece blankets too. Great tip.

Amanda said...

I'm sitting here freezing my butt off on my leather couch - GREAT TIP! I am definitely going to start doing this.

ttelroc said...

Another tip, to the tip lol is that you can just go to the fabric store and buy the fleece by the yard - you don't have to go looking for the right size - it cuts easily - you don't have to sew it either. It is a great product and a great tip!!

Have a Great Day!