Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goof Ball

Bantam9, during a Godspell intermission, pinned on an usher's nametag (“Sherry”), picked up a seating chart of the auditorium (the "house") and announced slyly: “I’m in disguise.”


After Bantam12 suffered a head injury during his Keystone Cops and Robbers scene, I was thinking hard about whether to let him go on for it the next day; in the dark and the strobe light, I was afraid he might fall again.

"I could go on in his place," offered Bantam9.

"No, you're too short," I responded distractedly. "It won't matter if there are only three Robbers."

"Okay, then I'll be Jesus [the biggest role in the show]," Bantam9 deadpanned, "and [the young man who plays Jesus] can be the other Robber."


Bronwen said...

One can but try! Good on Bantam9... :)

truevyne said...

My husband played Jesus in Godspell years ago. He says it's the most scripture he's ever memorized in his life- practically the book of Matthew.
He tells a powerful story of being overcome in one performance as he hung on the cross. He stopped singing, started sobbing, and so did the girls in the cast, because they felt the power of the cross intimately.

Brea said...

Ha! Your kids seem to have a great sense of humor. :)