Saturday, February 09, 2008

Opening Night Visitors

I've been too busy to mention it, but Summer is here!--with her girls and my parents. She got to come to Opening Night of Godspell and to the cast party afterward, thanks to my parents watching her girls and Bantam3 tonight.

(When did he become Bantam3, you ask? Tonight, or today, or however you want to call this after-midnight hour. But his birthday won't be observed till Sunday, when we have a little more time for it.)

Because tomorrow/today we have two more performances. My parents will attend the afternoon matinee, with Papa Rooster's parents.

We sure had a fantastic opening night--even more deserving of that adjective when you know that the final dress rehearsal was cancelled due to a snowstorm, and our two school day shows--which usually serve as dress rehearsals--were cancelled due to low sales. (Sadly, it's just not a popular show with elementary school teachers.)

But tonight, amazingly, came off without a hitch. As one dad, the head of the sound team, quipped, "Best third dress rehearsal I've ever seen!"

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