Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Oliver! Cast List is Up

And we’re all happy!

Bantams 9 and 12 are both Pickpockets, or members of Fagan’s Gang, which means they’re in a lot of good scenes including the number “Gotta Pick a Pocket or Two.” That’s the part they hoped for--only the better-performing boys (and some girls) made it in to this group.

Blondechick15 is in the Dance Ensemble, which means she’ll be in extra dancing scenes besides the large group numbers that everyone in the Chorus is in. She’s also thrilled to be a Milkmaid in “Who Will Buy?”. We’ll see how it ends up being staged by our director, but in the movie, the number starts out with a solo by a single Rose Seller, who is joined by a second Rose Seller, and then the next part to come in is a trio of Milkmaids. Other street merchants come in with new parts until the whole marketplace is singing--it's quite a big number with lots of good parts. And the Milkmaids have cute costumes too. :)

They did choose a young Oliver--the boy I thought all along would get it, because not only is he adorable and talented and innocent-looking, but he was raised in the former British colony of South Africa, so his British accent is as authentic as they come! He'll be great.

So contact us now for tickets, if you're in the area--the performance dates are May 9, 10, 16 & 17.

It's gonna be a good show!


Erin said...

Exciting! Oliver! is such a fun show.

Traci said...

That is so great!! Tell your kids great job!!