Friday, April 04, 2008


Well, I'm about 2/3 of the way done getting the old glue mostly off the walls in my dining room--last night I finished everything above the chair rail. (I didn't even get started till after supper yesterday, though.) I finished listening to Right Ho, Jeeves and started Focus on the Family's Radio Theater production of Little Women. Oh, so good!

While I get back to work this morning--in hopes of painting the whole thing tonight with Father Rooster when he gets home from work--let me share some treasures from the attic.

I have mentioned that Bantam17 has high-functioning autism, and I've described his creativity as a child in creating play schemes for himself and other children. He went through a stage (he was about 11) where he was always posting signs on the door to the basement, which served as playroom as well as bedroom for the boys. I saved them, and when I found them the other day, I typed them up to share with you all. Enjoy!

I (I mean) We love MUSIC.
Please come in.

Serious musical practicing going on inside.
Please don't come in.

Pharoah's or King's Palace Headquarters.
Please come in.

Note: Call me King Tutankamun.

The grand Ball.
Alas, very grand.
do, Please come in!

Want to visit the king?
Who is, King ____?
(who is only shown on stage)

King's Dungeon.
Watch out!
Dark down here!
A fire will be lit. (it's fake)

Adults mustn't go unattended.
Adult must be accompanied by a kid. Or child.
By order of the King!

Security office.
Dead or Alive! Hurt or unhurt!
Security cameras in use.

We proudly present (as entertainment)
the Buffalo Brother's
Wild West Show!

Letter to the King's subjects,
A ball has been arranged in the king's palace.
He'd like all maidens to come to the ball and they are invited.
Plus more at the ball, there will be the Buffalo Brother's Wild West Show to watch.
Sincerely, King ______

Letter to all Girls,
The King wishes all Girls to brand themself on the shoulder.
The brands are a tattoo, any kind of tattoo BUT on the shoulder.
Just to tell you, you are a spy. Or an asassin.
Sincerely, King ______

Letter to the Boys,
Boys too may brand themselves to be a asassin or a spy. But on the shoulder! Just to tell you, the King himself branded himself on the shoulder too. The brands are a tattoo. Any kind of tattoo. Sincerely, King ______

These were from a little earlier. They weren't signs, but love notes, of a sort...

James Monroe, the Nutcracker. (underneath his picture)
Jesus loves me! Jesus loves you!
You're special.
I love you, Nutcracker.

Your Lifetime Valentine!
Dear James Monroe, I'm glad you're MY FRIEND. I hope you have fun being my friend. I hope you like your bed that I gave you to sleep in. There are some other things I want to give you, like this: ARMY things to help get you started on your ARMY. Besides, don't forget about the army plane, too! Love, ______


Update from the home-buying front: I guess we're going to wait till after Sunday to make an offer, since Housing Inspector Brother-in-Law (along with wife and daughter) is going to meet us in WI for church, lunch and a look at the house. Might as well have his professional opinion before we write the offer!

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Amy said...

Wow. I guess I've known you about six years then, because I remember some of those signs!

I hope BIL finds the house to be sound. No point in buying a house you can afford if you won't be able to keep up with the upkeep.

Sorry, I didn't mean to make a pun. It came out that way, though, and now I think it's kind of funny, so I'll leave it there. :)