Monday, April 14, 2008

Cautious News

Well, we did find a house yesterday... It's smaller, overall, than the other one we liked so well--but we're far more comfortable with the price of this one.

And today we're making an offer.

So this is the day that one second-guesses all day long. Are we doing the right thing? Will the dining area be too crowded? What about with guests? Will the main living area be big enough when we have friends over? Is one main living area enough? Where will we put the desk...bookshelves? We think it's a good location--will it really be? Should we keep on looking??

Then we remind each other of the reasons it's a good choice that's going to work for us. And we feel better, until the next wave of doubt rushes up again on the shore of our minds.

So today I'm not going to post a glowing description of it, much as my convinced self wants to go there. My cautious self says to wait till we have a contract--and to pray hard all day long, that if this isn't the right thing, that it won't work out.

Or that we get it for an amazing price!

(Oh yes--and we haven't heard anything from the people who came through our house for the second time.)


Annie said...

Maybe the people who came through your house are missing the wallpaper in the dining room. =)

Becoming Me said...

I hope everything goes well for you!

tonia said...

oh, second-time-people, please buy the hen house! :)

i was a little unsure about our little house too...and bought it because it seemed like the only door open at the time. but now i see God's selection all through it, see the little surprises and the ways it is just. right. for us. somethings have been stretching and leaving behind expectations, but i know now that God designed us for here.

i pray you will find just such a place. keep us posted!

Islandsparrow said...

praying with you!