Monday, May 19, 2008

Home? At Last

Well, we're here! In the new house in Wisconsin, that is. We had awesome teams helping us on Saturday on both ends--loading up in IL and unloading here. Except for taking longer than we hoped--of course--all went really smoothly, and we were still done by 6:00 p.m.

However, that meant I was unable to make it back for the final performance of Oliver--a big disappointment. But I got there in time to pick up our performers and attend the cast party, which was outdoors, in the rain--but no one minded. (The adults hung out in the garage.)

Sunday I had to stay home from church with a touch of the stomach flu--and we kept the ones who hadn't had it yet home too. Between missing the last performance and missing church and being sick and feeling emotional about the move in general--it was kind of a tough day. I unpacked nearly all of my kitchen boxes, though, and that felt good! I love my new kitchen. It has so much more cabinet space than I've ever had.

Today the kids and I are driving back to our old house. This evening the theater kids have their final "Showcase" performances forthe classes they've taken this session, and we'll probably go to Wendy's afterwards with friends from the group. This afternoon I have to take a load of stuff to the local resale shop, and then we're going to load up the van with all the loose items that somehow didn't get packed up and on the U-Haul truck--so that tomorrow there will be nothing left for the movers except the piano and other remaining furniture. Hopefully the kids and I will get some cleaning done too.

We're all surprised at how quickly the new house has become "home" and our IL house has become "the old house." Just days ago it was "home" in IL and "the new house" in WI! But all our clothes and toys and books and papers are here now--(amazing how much furniture one can live without)--so maybe it's really true: Home is where you hang your hat!

--Jacket? Coat? Towel? Whatever it is you hang up at the end of the day!


stephseef said...

From a life-long resident --

Welcome to Wisconsin!

Hope we can meet for coffee sometime when the dust settles. Would love to connect!

Steph in Racine

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Congrats to all of you -- it's been a long road but you're thisclose to getting there and being there and settling in once and for all. I understand all the emotional upheaval it'll bring, and expect you'll be drained and reflective for awhile. I'll keep all of you in my thoughts/prayers.