Monday, May 12, 2008

Posts Within Posts

Thanks, everyone, for all the blessings and rejoicings--what a celebration in the comments box there!!!

Wish I could write several posts all about our weekend. I'd write one about our closing, because both our banker and the other realtor will be near neighbors, it turns out, and so while Papa Rooster listened to the mortgage guy explain what we were signing, I talked to them about the neighborhood (very friendly, lots of kids), our kids, the schools and nearby stores and restaurants--while blithely signing paper after paper stating I know not what!

I'd write one about Oliver, because it was just amazing (and still going on next weekend, if you're local!). It was the largest cast our county has ever had--103 kids--and the town and bar scenes were just a whirl of activity, with kids entering and exiting frequently. Every child had been drilled to be "interesting but not distracting" during these scenes, and all the wonderful little mini-dramas were stories unto themselves!

One of the best numbers was "Who Will Buy?", an unusual number for a musical; it's almost operatic and surprisingly pensive before Oliver cuts across the voices of the rose sellers and the milkmaids (Blondechick's part) to ring out the famous "Who will buy this beautiful morning?" And just when you think the 8 singers on stage are ending the song on a beautiful chord, 95 more kids suddenly burst on stage singing, coming from both wings and down the 4 aisles, arms in the air and emanating life and energy. At every show, the audience has burst into applause at that point, still under the spell of the first part, and just overwhelmed by the exuberance of the second!

Our Fagan was just incredible too. Between his acting and the great makeup job by my friend, our makeup chair--she even gave him latex bags under his eyes!--some people thought he really was an old man that the children's theater brought in for the part. Bantam13 stood out as the tallest (and handsomest?) Pickpocket, and Bantam9, though one of the shortest, was probably the jauntiest!

I'd write about having my parents here for the weekend. They got to see the show twice, as it turned out: once from the first row, and once from nearly the last--they enjoyed the very different experience. They loved our house, and enjoyed meeting folks at our church, and my mom and I got to go out for lunch together on Mother's Day--the first one we've spent together in a long time!

I could write a whole post about Mother's Day--it was a special one. I could write about our first night in our new house. Although there's not much to say except the kids were excited, we all slept fine, no one wanted to leave--which was a good sign--and that it's weird having belongings in two places and worrying whether the right things are in the right place. We took all the bicycles and tricycles up in our 15 passenger van (sans seats) on Friday--only to realize that we should have left Bantam9's bike here, for riding to school this last week!

But I see I have written a post on all those things and more. How did that happen?

Pray for me now, this week, as I pack like a maniac! (With Papa Rooster traveling for work--can you believe it? Pray for him too--traveling exhausts him, and he'll need energy when he's here!)

Now--off to pack, pack, pack!


Erin said...

Glad performances have gone so well! Wish I could be there to see it. And glad that your house has sold and you've found a new one!

Jenny in Ca said...


wow- what a week!! The performance sounded so exciting!

so very happy for you about your new house,

Islandsparrow said...

Goodness!! You have your hands and heart full! I'll be keeping you in my prayers - for strength and energy and loads of patience!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

So excited for all that God is doing in your lives! Thankful for how He continues to weave out all these details.

He goes with you everyday.
I send love...