Friday, May 02, 2008

The Schedule, She Is-a Filled

Well, it looks like things are all set up for us to close on the new house a week from today!!

The hardwood floor guy will be in there the following week.

We're doing a big move, with a UHaul truck and volunteers on each end, on Saturday, May 17, and then having movers bring our furniture sometime the following week.

But the show must go on.... We also have Oliver dress rehearsals next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, then 4 school day performances during the day on Thursday and Friday. Opening Night is Friday night, and we have two more public performances on Saturday and three more the following weekend.

I may not be able to help out as much as usual, I told the Makeup Committee Chair. (Good thing this time I'm not the Makeup Committee Chair!)

I didn't get any boxes packed yesterday because we had a showing to get ready for (good news, of course, though I sure didn't feel like playing "Perfect House"), and I've had too many phone calls to make. (I keep thinking of more...)

Oh, and we have a 13th birthday party here tomorrow after Oliver rehearsal. (I do wish I could find my old camera. I don't have time to learn the new one!)

And today I have a lunch date with Bantam12. Before he goes away forever....

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