Friday, June 13, 2008

Jazz & Kids

After the Celebration Dinner, we picked up our kids at the A--'s house and headed over to the lake for some outdoor jazz!

At least, the adults enjoyed the jazz, provided by a local orthodontist on keyboards, his wife singing, and his 80-year-old father making a special appearance.

The kids enjoyed climbing...on the rocks by the lake:

...and in this ancient tree.

That's Bantam9 and Chicklet5 on the left, and the three right-most boys are the A--'s handsome crew.

When Father William visited us on Sunday, he and his wife Anne were both so blessed by these kids and the others at Light of Christ. They saw them participating in the worship and the prayers so wholeheartedly. "These children will lead you," he told us, meaningfully clasping our hands as he spoke. "They'll draw other children--and then their parents--to the church. Provide opportunities for them to invite other children, and they will build your church."

It was a good word--one to remember as we become more intentional about growing.


Islandsparrow said...

Our five children were a draw to the congregation - their friends came and then the parents joined. Our kids also were involved in community sports and we met a lot of parents that way.

Annie said...

What a good word-- that the children will lead them. May they lead lik Lucy does.