Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yep, God Uses It All for Good


Thank you so much for your prayers today!

I found the birth certificate with no problem. Amazingly, it was right where I figured it was, in a baby book, in a box that I had serendipitously marked "Baby Books," despite the other contents within. This box was miraculously located near the opening of our storage space--and incredibly, the side of the box with my writing on it faced outward where it could be read. Woo-hoo for answered prayer!

Sadly, the vaccination records were not in the filing cabinet where I hoped I had replaced them after pulling that file for Bantam9's January registration for third grade. I have an almost clear memory of deciding not to re-file them there, just in case they were needed for this very instance. Surely I will not want to drive to the storage space and dig my way in to a filing cabinet, I thought, so I will keep the folder out and I will put it...

Ah. That's where the memory ends. Apparently I did not put it any of the logical, findable places, so I fear it must have ended up in some mystery box or location which will no doubt cause much smacking of the forehead at some future date.

At least vaccination records are somewhat easily replaced. All it will take is a couple of phone calls to some doctors, right? But who was our doctor the last time Blondechick had a shot? It may take several calls just to figure that out. And then, I bet she's overdue for some more. At least Bantam17 had a freshman physical just two years ago, so we're good there.

The one good thing about all my time searching today is that I've gone through all known files and piles and boxes and drawers, and I've gained a pretty clear idea of what all I have to organize--just as I am on the verge of revamping my whole woeful system. It is currently, and sadly, a system where nothing ever gets filed--or only in fits and starts. A big part of the problem is that I've always had files and piles spread out over several different rooms, on three different levels of our old house. But in this house, the paper-handling will all take place in one room, the schoolroom which doubles as my office. So I am quite hopeful about the future of my filing system.

Spending all day today with my files and piles wasn't at the the top of my priority list, but surely good has come from it. I'm all inspired to organize and file, file, file!

After I call some doctors, that is--and the high school, to see if we can please, please register with a promise that the records are coming and a physical will be scheduled!


Heather said...

If your computer has a scanner, scan your kid's birth certificates, vaccination records, etc. onto the computer. If (when) you need a copy, just look it up on the computer and hit "print". Some things (like a marriage license) need the real birth certificate, but you probably won't need that for a while :) If you upgrade your computer frequently, you might want to store the documents on a thumb drive and then keep the thumb drive someplace like a safe, bank deposit box, or your jewelry box. Don't forget that you probably need a birth certificate for learner's permits and driver's licenses, which you'll need pretty soon!

stephseef said...

heather, that's a fantastic idea!

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I am so in touch with the "store here because I'll need it, then forget where I stored it, then slap forehead when I find it, months later, long after I needed it" routine. It's like my favorite dance step, or something. Hey, let's all do the "Scatterbrained Mama."