Thursday, July 17, 2008

Youth Group, Summer School, and a Funny

Well, they had a good time at youth group, and Bantam17 made a friend, he says. Hard to know if the other boy really wants to be friends or was just being friendly, but I was happy that B17 welcomed his overtures.

Blondechick found it a little hard to break in to a going thing, unlike the gym class where it was the first day for everyone, but she thinks she will like the group once she gets to know people. They both really liked the leaders.

So--thank you, Lord!


Day 3 of summer school went really well. BC says she rocked at softball, getting on base (nearly) every time she came up to bat, times two full games! She's disappointed that they'll be done with softball after one more day.

B17 found the library after class yesterday with the help of a map I drew for him. He's such a visual person; I meant to send him with one on the first day. He said he just hadn't gone far enough the first day. His butt kills; could we please get him a new seat or a padded seat cover for his bike? (We did. We'll find out this afternoon how he liked it.)


The other night at dinner we were discussing who should do the dinner dishes. B17 said he had done the lunch dishes for BC the day before; she swore she did them, despite me confirming B17's assertion. Papa Rooster and I were addressing her unwillingness to admit she could be wrong, when B13 asked a random question of the educational variety.

After a pause, in which we all stared at him, I said, "That question is completely off-topic! But..." and I gave a brief answer. Papa Rooster added an extension, and then Chicklet asked a follow-up question. Before anyone could answer, B9, who had not opened his mouth up to this point, suggested:

"Let's get back to yelling at [Blondechick]."

What did we say to that?

Nothing. We were too busy rolling on the floor laughing and wiping the tears from our eyes!


Jena said...

Hi there! Nice to meet you too--through Lillian. I love your site and your chicken analogies! I'm interested in your move, your schooling, and your ministry up there in Wisconsin, so I'll be subscribing.

About us living in a church, that's a good idea to have an open house once in awhile. People are so curious about us, I just dread all the clean up I'd have to do to feel comfortable having people wonder through! That was my one concern about moving here--keeping 7,000 square feet clean--but the family promised to help! I just need to cash in that card more often.

Blessings to you and all of yours!

Heather said...

Leave it to a little brother to "watch out" for a big sister!