Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics...or The Blog....

I've been having trouble finding time for both!! We are lovin' the gymnastics and the swimming.

So today, I give you a link to a post that's been hard to forget:

The Ugly-Beautiful at Holy Experience

And a photo follow-up:

Seeing Past

And a few questions:

Does this page--the front page of At A Hen's Pace--load more slowly than other blogs? Is it worse when there are more pictures? If so, has it been better lately? If it does load slowly for you, what browser do you use?

If it loads fine for you, what browser do you use?

And if anybody has any technical expertise and is able to suggest anything that might help with this problem for some who are experiencing it--HELP, please!

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


G's Cottage said...

I tend to read you in a reader. I use Firefox browser, IE is so lame and Firefox interprets colors better.

My granddaughter is all over the diving and gymnastics too; but she doesn't fudge her age.

TwoSquareMeals said...

It loads fine for me in Firefox. I am having trouble getting anything done because of the Olympics. I'm addicted!

Scarlett said...

It loads fine for me too. A lot quicker than some other blogs. I used Firefox on a Mac. :-)

Alec Smith said...

Loads just fine for me too, but I use a Mac and browse on Safari.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Loads fine for me in Firefox. Adam uses IE; I'll have to ask him.

We haven't seen any of the Olympics, since we got rid of our TV antenna last spring and I haven't bothered to watch any of it on the internet. I'm more of a winter games fan, anyway.

Amy said...

Loads fine for me - I use Microsoft Internet Explorer (I feel a little like the oddball! No MAC and no FOXFIRE!)

amy (in roscoe)

mama said...

Okay, I'm lame, too. I use IE, and it loads fine for me. However, a couple of months ago it was taking forEVER - only your blog, Jeanne, not other blogspots (like experienceimagination). I thought it was because it was so picture heavy. then when we got a new computer (a Dell, versus our old emachine) it started loading fast again. I don't know why...

ps. I'm boycotting the olympics.

Linds said...

I use IE too and it is a little slower, but not as slow as some! And certainly not slow enough to make me drum the fingers on the desk.

I am loving the Olympics too! It is just as well they are only on for 2 weeks!

MomCO3 said...

I use IE (at work) or MSN (at home)and yours is the only blog that loads slowly (both places).
I love the lip-lops.