Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Man Among Men

Here is a short segment from the liturgy Father Rooster put together for the 13th Birthday Service of Blessing for Bantam13 (or "An Order for a Christian BarMitzvah Prayer Service and Holy Communion," as he titled his copy).

You have to wonder how you conduct a service like this in a way that doesn't seem preachy or silly to a 13-year-old. And the answer is: Liturgy! Liturgy gives that appropriate sense of solempne, of the solemnity of the occasion, of the high calling described by carefully chosen words, and of the timelessness of the challenge to take his place as a man and a member of the body of Christ.

Father Rooster drew from a variety of resources to create the following section.

Celebrant: What do you seek?

Initiate: To begin my pilgrimage as a man in Christ's one holy catholic and apostolic church.

Celebrant: Will you who witness these vows do all in your power to support [Initiate] in his walk as a man in Christ?

People (Men): We will.

Celebrant: You will make your journey as a man among men in the body of Christ. Will you seek instruction and help from Elders as you go?

Initiate: By the help of God, I will.

Celebrant: Do you promise to be regular in attending the worship of God?

Initiate: I do.

Celebrant: Will you stand in reverence at worship and prayer, ready to obey the Lord as He calls to you through Word and sacrament, and the discipline of the Church?

Initiate: By the help of God, I will.

Celebrant: Will you work hard to cultivate all the virtues, especially humility, and faith, hope, and love, which are God's gifts to all who would receive them in Christ?

Initiate: By the help of God, I will.

Celebrant: Are you ready to pursue a life of prayer, in the Daily Office and in your own private devotions?

Initiate: With the help of God, I am.

Celebrant: Are you ready to begin a life of godly action and sacrificial service to God, His Church, and those who are near you?

Initiate: With the help of God, I am.


Heather said...

What a neat idea! I love how this places the focus on becoming a man and having faith rather than "You're a teenager now - time for the real fun!" that so many 13 parties have become. Did your husband do this for B17, also? Did you do something similar to this for BC15?

At A Hen's Pace said...


Yes, we used the same liturgy for B17's service, and he wrote a different one for BC15--a young woman's service.