Friday, November 14, 2008

Project: Completed--and Sleepovers for All!

Remember those pictures I promised, of our completed basement project--a guest bedroom, bathroom, and a storage room carved out of what began as a huge unfinished storage area? ("Before" pictures here.)

Finally, after working through all my camera issues--(my camera is fine, but my psyche has issues with learning new cameras, new uploading procedures AND new photo software)--here they are.

First off, my pumpkin-colored bathroom!

Bold, no? Yes! For me, that is. I got the idea from a page in a Restoration Hardware magazine. I am thrilled that the color came out pretty nearly as expected!

The harvest gold towels are a nice contrast, and the oil rubbed bronze fixtures
look pretty classy, I think--an idea from the same picture.

But no one will be fooled for long...

...if they but open the door to the utility closet!

Next we have the guest room, from the doorway...

...looking on around to the right...

...and then back toward the door. There's a small closet there on the left, then the doorway through which you can see the doorway to the bathroom. On the right is a little cabinet that will have a door (it's being custom-made) with a locking latch on it. The shelves extend another 18 inches to the left behind the wall, and the bottom shelf lifts up for storage down to the floor. My plan is to keep Christmas and birthday gifts stashed away in there, under lock and key!

And finally, we left ourselves an L-shaped storage hallway wrapping around the side and back of the bedroom. Here's the view into the storage room (from the family room)--and nearly all those boxes along the left wall are not going to be there much longer, I hope. (I am still unpacking! Several of them contain framed pictures, since we haven't hung any yet...always our last thing to do.)

Notice the leftover carpet that I was able to use in the storage area, which is so much more inviting to walk on than concrete.

And if you walked all the way in and looked to the left, here is the view:

Again, the boxes to the left are mostly not permanently in position--more stuff to be unpacked eventually. (What does one do with all the cassette tapes one has accumulated since the 80's?? Before I can toss them all, I must go through and pull out any really meaningful teaching tapes, and rescue the handful that are of me or Papa Rooster speaking.)

I hope you have enjoyed this tour, and that perhaps some of you--you lucky ones, you--will eventually get to try out our guest suite for yourselves!


In other news, this weekend all the kids and I are driving back to the former area of residence for a performance of Seussical by a newly-launched county associated with our theater group. (And of course I'm hoping: that will be us in a year!) A number of friends from our old theater group have leads in it and we love the show, so it's going to be so fun.

Then, we all have sleepovers planned--even me. On Saturday I'm having breakfast with my hosting girlfriend, then going to a baby shower for one of my readers and frequent commentors, Taryn! I am looking forward to laughing with her and other ladies from our former church, as I know we will. Then I'll pick up all my kids and we'll hang with some other old friends and see what else we can fit in before heading home by bedtime.

Papa Rooster is having an old friend over for a sleepover, too--in the new guest room, of course!--so he's not feeling too left out.


Activities Coordinator said...

My mother has a pumpkin colored bathroom, also! She uses bold greens to offset it. It's very beautiful.

Just like yours!

Trynsimple said...

Oh, I'm so glad you can come! I am excited to see you and excited to give you an opportunity to see some of your "old" friends!


Momma Smith said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Congratulations! Organization is like a balm to my soul. May you feel more and more at home with each box unpacked!

Rosa said...

Congratulations! The rooms look great =)

And good for you on the bold-colored bathroom! I painted my bedroom a deep orange color, and I love how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama Hen! I love the bathroom color. I was thinking of doing our master bath (the gutting/tiling project that Steve has been working on since January) in an orange-y hue as well. Could you share what the official name of that paint is called?

Also, we hope to be in the guest room sometime! Can't beleive it was last Thanksgiving that we got to see you--that was so special. This year we are going to MI--since you're further north now we may not be able to see you this time, but I do hope it can be soon. You really need to take a family trip out to CO sometime. My big goal is to have your godson write to you and keep you updated with his life--as part of his homeschooling!! YES we're doing it finally!

Anyways, maybe I'll finally call or write more later as I always intend to do (...have written you so many nice letters in my head!)


Linds said...

Wonderful! I love the bathroom colours, and your guest room looks so welcoming too. You ahve all done incredibly well to get so organised so quickly. Have a great weekend!

Melinda said...

First of all, I LOVE the pumpkin colored bathroom! It's very warm and inviting. You guys have done an amazing job turning wasted space into living space! Also I love the idea of a lock and key cabinet for gift storage, lol! I hope you guys have a great time visiting and celebrating with friends.

Stop by Shore's End when you can to see my new winter layout and learn about a new holiday meme I'll be hosting Turesday!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Thanks everybody, for delighting in our new space with me!


The official color name is "Pumpkin Patch"! I can't lay my hands on the swatch right now, though, to tell you what company's color it is. Email me if you end up needing that and I'll maybe have it by then. Or call me! Do you have our new number?

So you are homeschooling?? WOW!! Oh, I'd love to chat on the phone with you and hear how it's going!!

And we would love to hear from S! Hey, maybe Bantam9 and he could be penpals?! He needs a reason to do more writing. We need to chat, for sure, and make sure we both have current addresses for each other.

A family trip to CO...we have talked about is getting harder and harder to get away on weekends, as YOU know, plus E has been using all his vacation on moving and house-related projects for the past two summers. It sure would be nice, if we could swing it. Hey, maybe this new Anglican province will give us occasions to see each other? Let's hope!


Jenny in Ca said...

love the pumpkin color! Your house is really shaping up!