Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Time for a few moments of solitude.

Here at Panera...while my kids are at theater classes...and the oldest is at home with the youngest...even with the jazz muzak playing and conversations going on all around me...I can be alone with the Lord and my thoughts.

October is nearly over, and it didn't slow down as much as I thought it would. But I did get one wonderful morning of solitude and silence, in my own home, a couple of Sundays ago. Bantam3 was sick, so I stayed home with him, and he slept for most of the morning.

I sat out on my back porch, wrapped up in a blanket, and listened to the birds in the newly-turning leaves, admiring their changes. I prayed. I read Scripture. I listened. I read a short book, Jim Cymbala's The Life God Blesses. I jotted down a few things from it that I wanted to remember. I stayed off the computer, to shut out its noise and demands. I puttered around. I listened some more.

I didn't really hear anything. Just got a sense that God wants to do a new thing in my life. That makes sense. He is a Creator; He is always making all things new. I think this is not an exterior thing, like the church plant or homeschooling or blogging, which all were at one time new things in my life, but something more interior. Something new He wants to teach me? Something He wants to renew, perhaps? I feel no need to strive for it; it will come in His timing.

I also felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness--that in all the changes we've been through in the past year, He has guided our family ship into a safe and lovely harbor. We have a house that suits us perfectly, our little church plant is thriving and continues to grow, God has sent wonderful people into our lives to be friends and neighbors and classmates with, and with the beauty of Lake Michigan and this fall's brilliant colors, it seems He has given us more than we could have asked or imagined.

God, you are always good, always faithful, always providing, always speaking, always there--even when we are stressed, distracted, anxious, and tempest-tossed by worries and cares. Thank you, Lord, that you have brought our family into calmer waters. Help me, Lord, to become more faithful in my habits: to spend time with your words daily, to listen as well as speak, to keep priorities straight.

All seems so clear and unmuddled when I'm alone with you!


Melinda said...

This was such an uplifting post. I love those moments of solitude and the sense that the Lord is present with us and working in our souls. I love Panera too,'s one of my favorite hangouts.

Thanks for your kind words and prayers regarding my daughter Kelly. I think those times when we lock horns with a child are just a part of our journey as parents and a learning experience for both sides.


Rosa said...

Jeanne, this post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Amy said...

. . . LOVED this post; and how appropriate you were reading "The Life God Blesses."


Scarlett said...

I have been pursuing your blog for about a year and a half and I enjoy it very much. :-) This is really not on topic but I've been curious since I read your story about your romance with Papa Rooster. How did you go from being a Baptist to being Anglican? I'm Anglican myself but I have some family that is Baptist and that's quite a stretch. :-) Would you mind sharing with us?

jenny said...

I have been a bit overwhelmed by my fall load lately and found this post to be refreshing to my spirit. Blogging has been mostly on the back burner but I so enjoyed trying to get caught up on yours...much to come back to...but always so much food to grow on here.

I love Panera, too. Tom took our older 2 boys to Montana last week and I planned to go there while they were away. But on more reflection, decided taking a 2 year old and 4 year old with me might not be the quiet respite I had in mind!

J. Wing said...

In a post dated November 5, "October is nearly over..." Yes, I think it is time to slow down a bit!

At A Hen's Pace said...


So nice to hear from you!

That is a great idea for a post, to share my journey from Baptist to Anglican. Give me a little time, but I'll write about that!

J. Wing--

Wow, you caught that! I wrote that post over a week ago, and didn't proof it for THOSE kinds of errors.... Thank you!

(Although it looks like I did manage to slow down so much that I stopped time?) :)


Thanks for the kind and encouraging words!!