Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cast List--and Second Sunday in Advent

The cast list is up and it looks good! We don't know what half these roles actually mean, since we've never seen this show before, but it looks like:

Bantam13 is a Wiz Kid, whatever that is, and a Swing Dancer, in the "Gravity" ("shoo-bee-doo-down-down-down") number. This is exciting for B13, who hasn't ever been featured for dancing before. It's--ahem--not his strong point, shall we say--but he enjoyed learning the swing dance they taught at callbacks, and he had a feeling he did well. So, as I say, kind of exciting for him.

Blondechick16 is a Brainiac, whatever that is, and a Lolly Girl, which means she'll get to sing, "Lolly, lolly, lolly/ Get your adverbs here" in close harmony with two other girls, "Boylan Sisters"-style. Fun!

Bantam9 is one of the Peanut Prodigies, whatever that is, and a Young Inventor (Alexander Graham Bell). We think that means that in "Mother Necessity," he gets to either sing or act to these lines:

Ring me on the Alexander Graham Bell.
Thank you Alexander for the phone.
I'd never get a date, I'd never get a job
Unless I had a telephone.

Rehearsals begin next Saturday! Performances are January 29-February 1 in Grayslake/Gurnee, IL. (Let me know if you're within driving distance and want tickets!)

They'll have ten performances in four days. Yikes! I am eager to see what parent committee they will put me on. I have always done makeup, but if they don't need help in that department, I may be learning something new. I'll find out on Saturday!


In other news, we had a lovely second Sunday in Advent service today, with a guest preacher, Father Klukas from Nashotah House, who gave us an excellent word on giving Christ the time and the space necessary for Him to remind and refocus us on right priorities. It's what Advent is all about, as we anticipate His second coming and try to be prepared, like the wise virgins. I am hoping to spend a little time this week on remembrance, resonance and reformation.

Speaking of preparation, for today's service I dusted off my oboe and started playing it twice a day last week, to get my lip into shape--it had been 7 years since I last played it! I have to say that I think I sounded like I just pulled it out of the closet 5 days ago, but I learned a lot from doing it and made our worship leader promise to let me do it again sometime. I realize in hindsight that I probably shouldn't have used a 7-year-old reed...and since I now have the eyesight of an over-40 year old, I need my own music on my own stand, rather than reading it over the pianist's shoulder! (Leaning in close to read the music did not lend itself well to breath support or proper reed position in the mouth, either.) But it wasn't as bad as you might now be thinking...and it was a pleasure to play as part of an ensemble again, for the first time since high school.

After church we had a group over for lunch: Father Klukas, his wife, two seminarians and their wives and children; plus our overnight guests, dear friends from Church of the Resurrection, their two teenage daughters and a friend. My friend--bless her!--helped me make soup on Saturday night, after a mostaccioli dinner, and we served it for lunch today with salad and bagels, with meat and cheese to make sandwiches. It was delight to relax around our big dining room table with such a fascinating group of adults!

And it's so good to have auditions behind us....


Traci said...

hmmm.. yeah. I recognize the number, Do the Circulation. Actually my favorite song of the entire show. I'm sure bantam13 will have fun!

I don't really recognize the other ones though, probably cause my cast WAS pretty small! :D

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

I never knew you played the oboe! I used to play clarinet. Only through about 8th grade, though.

The show sounds like fun. I wish we were still within going-to-see-it distance. :( I used to love Schoolhouse Rock when I was a kid. Even now, I have the series DVD on my wishlist.

Donna Boucher said...

Hooray for all of your young actors!

MomCO3 said...

Yea for the actors!
I'm an emergency fill-in accompaniast for a choir this week... and I think I sound like I just pulled my FINGERS out of the closet for the first time last week! But it sure is great to play.

Jenny in Ca said...

I keep thinking I should pull out my violin and practice..but I never do. Good for you for getting your oboe out and actually playing!

your weekend sounds lovely.

Summer said...

Uncle Robert will be so proud - he sings that "Lolly, lolly, lolly get your adverbs here . . ." all of the time.