Friday, December 12, 2008

Lucky Library Finds

Matisse: The King of Color by Laurence Anholt, illustrator (2007)

This was a delightful story based on actual events in the artist's life, from the point of a view of a young nun who waited on him when he was ill. Later, Matisse designed a light-filled chapel for her nunnery.

I see that this author/illustrator has other picture books about famous artists, which I am now eager to look for at my library, where we got this one!

D is for Democracy: A Citizen's Alphabet by Elissa Grodin (2004)

I love picture books that can be used to teach older kids, and this one fit the bill beautifully. It has a simple rhyme that appeals to the younger set, and sidebars with interesting details for the older ones. We read the rhymes through in one sitting, and went back a couple times to read all the sidebars. This one will generate discussion!

Presenting Tanya, the Ugly Duckling by Patricia Lee Gauch (1999)

This was a great introduction to ballet. It cast a spell over us all! The illustrations and the story go beautifully together, as the ugly duckling of a little girl discovers why she was chosen to dance the title role.


MomCO3 said...

I'll look for these! Thanks for the tips.

Carrie said...

These all look great. Is the Matisse book a Barron's publication by any chance? I think I read some of hte others in the series and they are quite well done.

Melinda said...

Tha ballet one would really appeal to my little one. I am going to look for it at our next library trip!