Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Drudge Work...the Best Work

"It was...the most important thing I had done all month, cut cakes for those babies' baptisms. More important than any history I had studied, or any magazine articles I had written, or any prayer I had prayed. It was the drudge work of the church, and it seemed the best work in the world. Like sweeping the church, or setting out the hymnals, or making sure the sacristy held enough candles for the week's vesper services. The holy work of God's people, somehow. I told my priest, Jo, that I wanted to spend my whole life cutting cakes to celebrate babies' baptisms. I was, Jo said, an Altar Guild member in the making."

~Lauren Winner, Girl Meets God


Anonymous said...

Ohh...are you reading this book? I really loved it. Her honesty was so refreshing and delightful.

Jen in Seattle

Activities Coordinator said...

I like the drudge work. Drudge work is holy work.

If I do nothing else that is holy in my life, well, at least I got the candle wax out of the carpet! :)

You'd be astonished how close you feel to God when you're down on your knees ironing up candle wax.

At A Hen's Pace said...


I read it a year or more ago and LOVED it.


I like the drudge work too. It's so uncomplicated, unlike the rest of life!