Thursday, January 15, 2009

Master Bedroom Blessing

Well, it's a COLD snowy day here in Wisconsin. The snow arrived a couple days ago, but the cold is the worst it's been since we moved here: The high for today is expected to reach a whoppin' 1 degree. The low last night was -14 degrees! And they cancelled school, without a snowflake in the forecast--simply on account of the cold. I only remember that happening maybe once, in Ohio, when I was a schoolchild, but they say it happens regularly here in WI.

Right now it is -10, with a windchill of -30, but let's warm things up a bit with pictures from last summer, shall we? You have to squint your eyes a bit to see the green leaves, but they're there!

If you happened to read the post on organizing your blogging, you saw my confession that I occasionally wrote posts ahead, only to lose them in my old drafts, and that's what happened to these photos of our master bedroom.

The reason I took them, though, was to show what a "beyond all that I could ask or imagine" kind of answer to prayer our new house is! We had a number of basic requirements we had to focus on, like number of bedrooms and room for an office for Papa Rooster, but we never thought twice about what kind of a master bedroom we would like. It had to have decent closet space for PR--he has a businessman's wardrobe, both casual and formal, plus lots of priestly garb--but other than that, we didn't care, if everything else about a house was right. It was the least of our concerns.

So what a blessing to get what B13 calls "the nicest room in the whole house." Isn't it lovely? In the second picture you can see the tray ceiling which gives it such a spacious air. I knew immediately that we had to get some kind of seating for that area in front of the bay window, but it had to be small and light. I looked everywhere before settling on this indoor wicker set from Pier One.

Then I was delighted to find a reasonably priced, washable comforter set (at JC Penney's online) that included a bunch of extra pillows and shams, so I could put some of them on the furniture and tie everything together. Perfect for non-crafty me!

We have used this extra little sitting area repeatedly since we moved in, since it's the only room on the main level that you can close off behind a door--perfect for private conversations with friends, counsellees, or one of our teens. I also use it for reading aloud time with Chicklet6 and Bantam3, so we don't bother the two Bantams reading silently on the couches in the living room.

I didn't take any pictures of the other side of the room because it's just two doors--to the master bath and to the walk-in closet--with a dresser in between.

And the master bathroom itself is so much more than we could have imagined! First off, it's truly private, unlike in our old house, where the bathroom was shared by all three bedrooms on the second floor.

And there is a large wooden storage cabinet in it, with plenty of extra room after we put away all our we put all of Papa Rooster's t-shirts, underwear and socks in there, since that's where he dresses. (Such a considerate man, not to wake me up!) I put Great-Aunt Dorothy's coat tree in there too (yes, it's that spacious) and gave him an over-the-door hook for items on hangers, and now he has a full-fledged dressing room in the bathroom. Clothes stay in the bathroom or the closet, and rarely do they dis-grace the bed or sitting area.

And there's something else we've never had before...a jacuzzi bathtub! I've only used it once, when we first moved in, just to see if the jets worked after two years of disuse. Mostly, I'm a shower person.

But I tell ya, since we're holing up today to stay warm...


Islandsparrow said...

That's a gorgeous master bedroom! The perfect cozy spot especially when it's super cold.

We had rain yesterday and today we are almost as cold as your area. Tomorrow it's supposed to be -34F (with the wind chill). If it does get that cold, school will be cancelled here too. The kids can't wait outside for the busses without danger of frostbite.

With this kind of weather, that Jacuzzi sure sounds tempting!

Jenny in Ca said...

lovely! I love the wicker set!

thanks for sharing.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

I'd love to have a sitting area in my bedroom ... someday. Not in the cards for just now.

Speaking of cold, our high yesterday was 3°F. That was at about 4 AM. The windchill at mid-afternoon was -20°F. Our overnight low was -19°F with a wind chill at about -40°F.The temperature right now is -6°F.

Tomorrow is supposed to get up into the 20s, though, so we may have to go out and enjoy the warm weather. ;)

Kathyb1960 said...

Here in West Texas we don't get cold, cold weather very often. Today is pretty cold--it never got above 40, but thank goodness we don't have the frigid windchills.

HOWEVER, in Jan of 1979, which was my Sr. Yr in HS, we got hit w/ some cold, cold, cold weather, and we had windchills of about -10. We were supposed to go back to school from Christmas break on about Jan 2nd, but because of the cold, they didn't want to use the heat to heat up all the schools. So, we got 3 extra days of vacation. Of course we had to make it up during the year, but the Srs only had to make up 2 days YEA!

Just thought I'd share that!

Crystal said...

What a lovely room! I like the idea of no clothes cluttering up the main room - that's a problem area for us.

And I totally missed your birthday so belated best wishes. I love your celebration with the women - I think I might have to use that idea :)) May you be blessed each day and be a blessing too.