Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ash Wednesday Report, and Some Blogging Odds and Ends

We had such a blessed Ash Wednesday service last night!

It was not our first one--that was last year--but it was my first one at Light of Christ. Last year, Father Rooster just drove north after work to lead the service; the kids and I were still living back in the old country, so we attended the Ash Wednesday service at Rez.

But as I glanced around the quiet room last night, I realized that it was the first LOC Ash Wednesday service for many of us there! Several families weren't with us yet last Lent--hard as it is to remember LOC before they were part of it--and we had a couple visitors.

I think all were truly blessed. It was a great start to our Lenten season.


Speaking of the Lenten season, Jessica at Homemaking Through the Church Year is hosting a Lenten Carnival on March 8! So if you've posted recently about anything related to Lent, consider sending her the link. I'll remind my readers about the carnival when it is posted--should be some good reading!


And speaking of celebrating the church year, let me introduce you to a new blogger! Amy, at Splendor in the Ordinary, was part of Light of Christ last year during Lent, in spirit if not in regular attendance. They were living in Kenosha at the time, trying to discern their next steps--which led them to Pennsylvania, an orthodox Episcopal church, and a position for her husband as a professor at Eastern College. We were sorry to see them go, and now I am so glad to stay in touch with them through Amy's new blog! She has such creative and inspiring ideas for how to celebrate Sabbath and the church year with small children, and her humble heart and quick mind inspire me, an adult, as well!


So I've just added Amy to my Bloglines, and I thought I'd point out that in my sidebar, under the link "Blogs I Visit," there is a folder titled "Anglicans," which has links to all the Anglican mommy-bloggers I am aware of, and a few others as well--in case anyone else is searching out their fellow Anglicans.

For example, Janice Skivington is an Anglican artist that I know. Her works are just beautiful, and it's so interesting to read her commentary on her own work. Sometimes it's on the process, sometimes on the result, sometimes on the emotions or the's all fascinating!


Finally, I've been meaning to mention that if you'd like to receive posts from At A Hen's Pace in your email in-box, there is a link in my sidebar, now, that will allow you to do just that!

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