Monday, February 02, 2009

The Curtain's Closed...

...on a really fun chapter of our lives!

We are tired--and both glad and sad that Schoolhouse Rock is over.

It's been such a great experience, and we've met so many neat people in this group--it's hard to say goodbye to them all! Our kids have been saying that they don't want to do the next show, The Wizard of Oz, because we've been in it before and it's just not a favorite, plus some of the new friends they've made are not auditioning. So we're telling everyone that yes, this is our first--and probably last--show with Lake County!

We've been talking up the Kenosha County chapter that we're starting next fall, though. Some families who are halfway in between, or for whom it would actually be closer--especially if their kids made a good connection with our kids--are thinking seriously about joining us, which is really exciting. Others are telling us about friends who would be interested who live in our area. And our summer camp week was listed in the playbill along with all the other counties' summer camps--which was exciting to me, to see it there in print.

Today Blondechick16 had to go back to school, which was a first for her--this is the first show she's done that she hasn't been homeschooled. She feels that God was very good to her, though--the show fell during a "winterim" break in the regular class schedule, so she missed two days of a 6-day photography class, and the teacher said she didn't have to make up any of the work!

The Bantams are having a reading day while I regroup and catch up on laundry, life and the little kids. They came and saw the show twice, and Chicklet6 got to be an usher both times, along with Bantam18, so they felt a part of things too.

It will be great when it's closer to home and easier for us all to be involved!

Oh, and there were no drops or falls in the swing dancing number in either of the final two performances! Bantam13 got a big hug from his partner after the lights blacked out on their scene for the final time. He had really earned it!


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

This has nothing to do with your post except as I was reading about Chicklet6, it occurred to me that when I first met your family, you were pregnant with her! (How's that for a run-on sentence?)


Islandsparrow said...

I'm very behind with my blog reading - but I enjoyed catching up on all your theatre news! Congratulations to B13 for getting through the show with out a drop! What a relief.