Monday, February 09, 2009

Great Day Yesterday

I only have a few minutes, since today is filled with appointments....

But what a wonderful day we had yesterday at Church of the Resurrection!

It was a delight for Father Rooster to lead the liturgy at both services, and by all reports, many were glad to hear his familiar priestly voice. We were able to greet so many old friends, adults and children alike, at both services.

Then several of our good friends hosted the most beautiful open house for us! They thought of everything. There was a fabulous spread of food and drinks. There were slideshows of our family--from way back in the early Rez days, to recent photos at Light of Christ. They took pictures of everyone who came, to go into a guest book later, which everyone signed on their way in. So many of our Rez friends came, and our kids' friends, and even our former neighbors, theater friends, friends from Wheaton College days and homeschooling friends! In the evening there was more food and choice desserts, and a special liturgy of blessing for us, with an open time of sharing memories and ways folks had been blessed by our service at Rez. How wonderful to laugh, cry and reflect on all we had been through together and how amazingly God has worked--even planting the seeds of new works, in our lives and others', many years ago!

Spiritual hindsight is such a gift.

We expected that this day would be a great time of fellowship. But we were unprepared, somehow, for the generous outpouring of love, encouragement and blessing we received. Thank you, dear friends. Thank you, Lord!!

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abbi said...

Wow, that sounds like such a special day. I'm so glad you guys were blessed in such a tangible way! (And we're really glad that you're here in Kenosha now!)