Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Professional Schoolhouse Rock Photos Online

A professional photographer came to one of our performances and took some great shots of our show!!!

Don't miss the fabulous ones of Bantam13 and his partner doing the various difficult lifts and tricks during the swing dance number!! Their close-ups are in the middle row on page 10 and with the rest of the couples on page 11. (He even caught Bantam13 smiling!)

Blondechick16 and the other Lolly Girls are in the middle of page 16, and she's also front and center in the second row of page 13. Bantam9, as Young Alexander Graham Bell is in the yellow shirt carrying the phone in the first photo on page 18.

I wish he'd caught B9 in his sombrero during "The Great American Melting Pot" because he was adorable in his droopy Mexican handlebar moustache which I drew on, but you can admire my Frenchman's curlicue moustache--and the cutest little international costumes in a scene everybody loved--in the first photos in the 3rd row of page 8.

When Reginald was home with the flu
The doctor knew just what to do-oo
He cured the infection
With one small injection
While Reginald uttered some interjections:

Hey! That smarts!
Ouch! That hurts!
Yow! That's not fair,
Giving a guy a shot down there!

Found myself humming in the grocery store today, so just thought I would share with you all...


Lori said...

I live life at the same place...although I can also be the chicken with her head cut off! Your chicks are beautiful. A dear friend of mine just started a blog and has a picture with her kids and chickens entitled the Vik's Chick's @ She's also married to the ministry. Thank you for sharing your life.

Melinda said...

I love the interjection song!!