Friday, February 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

For today's post, I thought it would be perfect to use Jen's Friday format--Quick Takes!

1) Bantam18 started driving classes this week, for two hours after school. Eight more classes to go and he can start getting behind the wheel, with his learner's permit!

2) Next week, I'll meet with B18's special education team to discuss the comprehensive testing they just completed, an every-3-years occasion. The school psychologist already gave me her summary over the phone, that everything seemed about the same. This was good news, because B18 is quite high-functioning, but disappointing too, because we've seen so much improvement since he's been on meds (for over a year) now. I was hoping his testing might reflect it.

3) Bantam13 is going to get braces soon! We had consultations with two orthodontists--one in our network and one out of it. I prayed that it would be crystal clear which one we should choose, and we went with the out-of-network one that was surprisingly cheaper, lots closer, and MUCH nicer.

4) I had a great meeting with the other moms of 7th grade boys yesterday! We're tossing around some ideas about next year and even this spring. The boys had a great time, and the moms didn't have half enough time to talk before various appointments pulled them away.

5) I know I said that we weren't going to audition for the next show with the Lake County theater group...but who--of all my kids--now really wants to do it, but B13! The last one I expected. But it turns out two friends he made, who weren't in Schoolhouse Rock, are auditioning and he really wants the chance to hang out more with them. B10 is willing and eager, but Blondechick16 is not up to it--not many of her Lake County friends are doing it, and she says she wants to focus on school. So the Bantams and I, at least, are off to see the Wizard! Auditions are in two weeks.

6) I have been emailing out invitations to an informational meeting about starting the new theater group here in Kenosha--it will be March 26. I am receiving encouraging response!

7) Last week, Blondechick16 was selected, from both the ninth and tenth grade choirs, as the soloist for a number that the combined choir is performing in the Choral Fest tomorrow night, with all the high school choirs in Kenosha participating. We can't wait to hear her! Her solo is in the song, "Lord, Make Me an Instrument [of Thy Peace]." It seems choir is one class where there is still room for religion in the public school.

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Anonymous said...

What a great honor for Blondechick16! She must sound super good doing that number, and it would take a lot of breath control..Wish we could hear her! Love, Pianomum

Patricia said...

I just love that song! Well done her.

Amy said...

Lots of excitement at your house!

Congrats to Blondechick16!!