Thursday, March 05, 2009


It's so true that sometimes anticipation is as great as the fulfillment!

I have been occupied lately with administrative details, both for the new theater group and in the planning of our first Holy Week at Light of Christ, and I am so excited about both!

I am the coordinator for the Easter Vigil, the long Saturday night service which calls for much creativity and celebration. I've been having a blast thinking through, with others and to myself (it filled my dreams last night!), all the possibilities for the readings, in particular--and it's so exciting to settle on some and imagine how it all will work!

For the theater group, I know a secret. I know what our first show next fall PROBABLY will be. And I'm so excited about it!

I am also working hard on getting the word out about both. We're still early in the process of advertising our Holy Week services, but the word is spreading about the March 26 informational meeting for the theater group. It sounds like it is going to be well-attended!

And somehow, homeschooling continues amidst the exciting busy-ness. Thank you, Lord!


I've been keeping up with the Daily Office, but I'm having trouble finding a verse to meditate on. The Deuteronomy and Hebrew readings are all about those who are filled with unbelief--lots of warnings there.

The one verse that struck me was Jesus' response to Nicodemus, after he tried to explain about being born again and about the wind blowing where it wills: "If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?"

I think of earthly things like the water of baptism, the bread and wine of communion, oil for healing, hands clapping or raised in worship. Don't these earthly elements precede belief and participation in heavenly things? Is it even possible to reverse the order? We often try, but Christ, here, says no.

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