Friday, March 20, 2009

Light Blogging Means Heavy Duties

Heavy, but good!

Mostly I have been working on two things: planning our Easter Vigil, and preparing for the theater group's informational meeting next week!

You may recall that the church that we thought was going to host our theater classes and rehearsals next fall changed its mind. Now, we still have plenty of time to find an alternate location (or locations, would be more likely), but it sure would be nice to be able to tell folks, at next Thursday's meeting, where these weekly events will be held--and it's even possible that the "when" might change, now, depending on our host church.

Moms need to know when and where, because a lot of us have to make decisions now, for next fall!

So I've been making phone calls, writing emails and visiting churches. I doubt we're going to get a definitive answer from anyone by Thursday, but it's as good a reason as any to put the time in now rather than later. Today I met several interested and accomodating folks, and on Monday, I hope to catch a few others. We'll see what comes of it all....

I've also arranged a couple of readings for the Vigil, lined up most of our readers, I think (for that service, at least), and found someone to add a creative touch that I was hoping for to one of the readings.

Somehow, I'm still keeping up with laundry, meals and homeschooling, too, by God's grace, and with my family's help. Tonight, while I'm taking the Mayor of Munchkinland to his rehearsal (and writing emails and this post at Panera), Bantam18 made Mexican Macaroni for the rest of the family!

And now, it's nearly time to go pick up the Mayor...

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Michelle said...

I just wanted to let you know that I sent the email about the classes my husband is available to teach. Let me know if you don't get it.