Saturday, April 04, 2009

Baby Luke is Home!

After more testing, it sounds like Luke's official diagnosis is "brain abnormality." That's because they still. really. don't. know.

He has a small area in the brain filled with fluid, which they believe is a cyst and will probably be naturally absorbed in the body.

By 18 months, they should be able to give him a more definitive diagnosis, and their best guess right now is that he'll probably have mild cerebral palsy.

That's right--only mild motor issues, with no impairment to his intelligence or personality likely.

And she was advised repeatedly to abort this child!

After the second or third time, she asked, "Okay, if I have an abortion, as far along as I am, I still have to go through labor, right? ...And as my baby is being born, you want to kill him, right in front of me? ...I know you're just doing your job, but could you stop asking to do that?"

She's spunky, Debbie is. Praise God!!!

Please keep her and Baby Luke in your prayers. (And her 18-month-old son, and her deployed husband.)

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mama said...

Praise God, Jeanne!!!

This is wonderful/amazing news. I am so happy for Debbie and her husband, and Luke. What a blessing he will grow to be and a testimony to God's constant grace and abiding love!!


Amy said...

Singing praises!