Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Stations of the Cross Service (Plus)

What a beautiful building God has given us to use!

Formerly an Episcopalian girls' boarding school, this is the old gymnasium.

The Stations of the Cross is a practice that was begun by Christians in the earliest centuries of the church. They made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, where they traveled to various spots along the road to Calvary. As the practice became more formalized as a devotion, icons were created to mark the various points along Christ's journey, which could be set up and used anywhere, and the idea of traveling along from point to point was retained.

The booklets have a color picture of each icon on each page, as well as the liturgy and the responses.

The cross was shrouded in black at the Maundy Thursday service, and remains that way till it is unshrouded at the Great Vigil of Easter, at the climax of the service when we celebrate the resurrection.

This is at the station where Christ gives up his spirit.

It was a beautiful service, short but so meaningful. And we had visitors, there, and at Maundy Thursday also. It also was such a sweet time together.

And the Good Friday service was so powerful! The Passion reading by Uncle Rooster was so moving, we could have ended right there. Fr. William Beasley spoke on the power of the cross over death, over sin and over pride; it was a great word for our congregation. The worship team outdid themselves--one number was so beautifully intense and riveting, I could hardly breathe.

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

And thanks to all of you who are praying for Light of Christ this week and missing our family at Church of the Resurrection this year. We miss you all so much...but we are serving here with great joy!

Photography courtesy of Deacon Joel's wife Tammy!

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What a beautiful space and service!