Monday, June 08, 2009

News and Views

Papa Rooster got a new lens for his camera!

Blondechick16 survived camp, though she was one of the few who never saw a tick on themselves. She froze each night and woke up soaked each morning, since the tent was too small to stay away from the walls. But she ran, hiked, biked, canoed, prepared her own meals and learned a few things about herself and others.

And we finally met Bantam18's girlfriend! We loved her. She is cute and funny and sweet, and it amazed us to hear her and B18 talk about school, just like other kids...which B18 never does! Now I understand how they connected--she is very direct and outspoken, and says what she thinks, in a loud voice. She has a loud laugh, too, and she likes to tease, which is good for him. He'll object, and she soothes him, and they seem to have a comfortable, low-key relationship. She wants to come to church with us soon!


MomCO3 said...

I love the expression on Chicklet6.5's face her brother is playing with the ball. Priceless!

Kim Johnson said...

Oooooo -- what fun, lovely shots. Tell me the specs on the new lens :)

Rosa said...


I'm so happy for Bantam18 and his girlfriend. She seems great!!

Kyler said...

M&B O were telling me about B18's main squeeze at Rez on Sunday. Sounds like exciting times!