Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Week's To-Do List

It's been just a little busy around the Henhouse this week...

Prepare for funeral:

--take boys in for haircuts
--cut B18's hair myself
--take B18 and B14 shopping for dress clothes, suitable for pall bearers
--figure out outfits for myself, Chicklet and B4
--take Blondechick shopping?
--belts? shoes? nylons? dress socks?

Prepare for road trip:

--new tires on van
--to mechanic's re: Check Engine light
--check supplies in camper
--pack for me, Chicklet and B4; inspect the rest

Flood recovery:

--get furniture back in place, books on shelves, sundries back in place


--claims adjuster
--chiropractor (residual pain from accident)
--dentist (1 child only, fortunately...)
--piano lesson
--refrigerator repairman
--core team meeting (church)
--meet with pastor of church where drama camp will be held
--tour potential facility for next year's productions
--interviews with two potential teachers/directors


--keep up with emails
--get through paperwork backlog
--find more teenage helpers for summer camp! We have 107 kids registered--praise God!

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