Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Camp Prayer Requests

My friend Amy asked, in the comments awhile back, if I had prayer requests for the upcoming drama day camp that I am running next week--and I should have posted them a long time ago!

I especially could have used prayer when I was UNABLE to work on preparations for summer camp because I was too busy dealing with a flooded basement and outfitting boys for a funeral (I tell you, it had been long time since we made sure they all had suit coats, dress shirts, belts, dress socks, ties and church shoes!). And ATTENDING the funeral, and then going on the camping trip that had been planned a long time.

My anxiety level has been gradually raising with all the things I should be doing to prepare--and then it turns out that the bulk of it all happens the weekend before. Which is NOW.

So pray for me and my family to get it all done. Before Monday! My kids are folding t-shirts and writing out name labels and stuffing zip-loc bags while I email my staff, helpers, and parents of campers. And purchase supplies. And make copies. And comb my manual for details I haven't covered yet!

For next week, pray for:

--good health for every one involved--kids and staff
--protection from accidents
--that each child that comes would be pointed toward God by the words and example of the staff and by the presence of God among us
--for unity and grace among staff and with kids and parents
--for a good foundation for CYT Kenosha to be laid by this camp
--for connections to be made
--for my memory, to be able to remember parents, kids, names!
--that the details would all get covered without too much stress--my first time doing this!

Praises already:

--112 kids signed up!! Since we are a brand-new area, we would have been happy with half that many. It is really exciting to have so many kids coming!!!!

--a wonderful facility to hold the camp, and great support from the family pastor there!

--experienced, enthusiastic staff to teach the classes and run the rehearsals. They will make my job much easier!

--two more helpers volunteered this week, bringing my total up to 8. We could use 11 for this size camp, but I'm greatly relieved to now have 8 (vs. the 6 that I had at the beginning of the week). God provides!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS. I am so excited to watch what God will do next week!!


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Praying for you all!

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Hope all goes well for your opening day (and the rest of the week)!