Saturday, August 29, 2009

Barely Time for Bullet Points

--I just spent all morning at Panera sipping coffee and writing in lesson, class, rehearsal, concert and carpool schedules in my new planner
--it is an immense relief to have all those dates in one place instead of swirling around on my desk and elsewhere
--I am still short one dance teacher for theater classes which begin in 10 days
--but I got a lead today!
--I also got the news that my sister-in-law Summer had her baby this morning!!
--Blondechick16 decided, on Friday of her first week at the private Christian high school, that she really likes it there
--she really likes the other kids, especially, and already feels like she belongs
--praise God!!
--Bantam14 likes his math and art teachers a lot
--he is getting faster at his math homework
--praise God! (I am worrying about how he is ever going to have time for any other subjects)
--Bantam18 and Chicklet6 both start school on Tuesday
--Chicklet has been impatiently waiting for this day for the last two weeks
--we get to meet her teacher Monday night and put all her supplies in her desk
--it's going to be interesting getting everybody off in the mornings!
--I got an iPhone and loved it
--I had to return it because AT&T's network has got big problems in our area
--I tried everything to make it work, but 10-11 hours spent in cell phone stores later, I had to switch networks and get a new phone
--my new Blackberry Storm is going to serve me well, but it's not as easy to use
--I am setting alarms for all my recurring appoints: carpool drop off/pick up, piano, tap, ballet/guitar (same place and time), theater classes
--I only forgot to pick up Blondechick once this past week, before I set up alarms
--hopefully that will help me remember
--we had a baptism last Sunday--the child of friends who were leaving for seminary the next day
--we had cake with the whole church and a picnic lunch with our friends afterward
--it was a good day!
--we are trying to decide if we should go camping one more time before we start having musical rehearsals every weekend
--Labor Day weekend weather doesn't look good, though
--we've only used our camper twice the last two summers and we are starting to wonder if we should sell it, since storage and maintenance are expensive
--so are private schools!
--it's interesting that I would start a job at the same time my kids start in private schools--God's provision?
--I still need to write teacher notes and aide notes for our teacher meeting on Tuesday
--and stuff folders for each one
--and make checklists for my two homeschooled boys
--first I need to settle on exactly what I am going to expect from them daily and weekly
--blogging may continue to be light for another week or two!


Anonymous said...

its really amazing how you juggle it all!! so am i a homeschool dropout (sometimes i feel like a mom dropout!)? (did you get my email re: your godson?) thanks for sharing your life with all of us through your blog. helps me not only feel connected to one of my favorite families, but also helps me along the crazy path of motherhood (seeing that it is crazy for everyone!) hugs! love, sarah

Heather said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading the list ;) Glad to hear things are going so well for you.