Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seussical Auditions!!!

Auditions for Seussical, the Musical, were last night!

For the very first session in Kenosha, we had a reasonably good turnout--just over 50 kids bravely got up in front of the directors and sang, danced or recited. There were not too many kids with much experience, so they are going to cast everyone who auditioned to give them all the chance to gain some.

This morning everyone was called for the first hour for a dance callback. After that, various groups of leads are called, and Blondechick16, Bantam14 and Bantam10 are all called to stay all day, which means they're being considered for leads. That wasn't a big surprise, since they do have more experience than most.

But what surprises me is my own nerves! B14 has been fighting a head cold all week, and yesterday, Blondechick began with the sore throat too. This morning her voice had a peculiar warble in it that made us all laugh! And freak out. Lord, have mercy.

And may they be less nervous than I am!!

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