Sunday, November 15, 2009

Theater Update

Well, we are all on the other side of illness now, it seems--everyone is back to school, back to work, back to rehearsals and classes.

It hit me last Monday that there was only one week until dress rehearsals for Seussical begin! Before I got sick, I had purchased (at Goodwill) an old suitcase on wheels to use as our theater group's new makeup kit, and I had purchased basic Walmart-type supplies and containers to organize it. I had borrowed some specialty makeup from another chapter of our group, but still needed to order the rest.

So Monday morning found me poring over websites and my notes, comparing prices, shipping and handling costs, and availability of items like glow-in-the-dark hairspray and colored eyelashes in five particular shades. But finally my orders were placed, and I could rest assured that everything would be here in time for the first dress rehearsal.

I could turn my attention to other things, like...Showcase!

Tuesday night was the last night of our ten-week session of theater classes, and to celebrate and demonstrate all that the students had learned, we held a "Showcase" of performances from each class. Since this was our very first session, we had all new teachers, all new students, all new families. I was in charge and I didn't know how it would go.

But it went very well indeed! The kids did a great job, the parents were enthusiastic, the attendance maxed out the sanctuary where we held it, and our fundraiser at Culver's (a hamburger and ice cream joint) afterwards was well-attended. I am so grateful to my fabulous teachers, the parents, the kids...and the Lord!

I haven't said much about my job this fall because...well, you know...I'm an employee now and want to be very careful. But it's been so rewarding to see this "new thing" take wings and get off the ground. I keep thinking of how God is able to create ex nihilo: "out of nothing." Where there had been nothing but our family, we ended up with 75 students involved in classes, representing 50+ families! And the teachers that God sent us, "out of nowhere," so to speak, were all really solid. They knew their stuff and how to teach it, and they handled the kids beautifully with the right combination of fun and high expectations of their behavior and performance. They made my job easy!

And now those families are about to REALLY get to know each other this week during dress/tech rehearsals and performances of Seussical!! We have 3 dress rehearsals and 8 shows in the next 7 days. I am a little nervous about the makeup coming together, but it always does, and that's what dress rehearsal are for. My kids, at least, are prepared, excited and confident, and the whole cast is ready and eager for next week. We are praying for continued health for the cast and their families, and for more audience members to fill our seats!

See you on the other side....

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Ernie Ball said...

Thank you for the hen story..we have hens..and 2 turkeys called adam and eve.We rescue hens from the battery factories. Di & Dave DD++