Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wickersham Brother

There's a rustle in the bushes...
There's a tremble in the trees...
Hear it like a whisper,
Smell it on the summer breeze (Mmm-hmm-mmm)
Something big is coming nearer
Something big is coming through...

Got some monkey business, that's what we intend to do!

Well it's bigger than a breadbox,
Hey, it's wider than a whale,
Peanut butter breath
And scared to death from head to tail.

To Horton: "So you're still talkin' to dust? Oh, that's hot!
A dust speck that's all full of Whos who are not!
There aren't any Whos, why I don't hear a sound...

Come on!
We gotta monkey, monkey around!"

Then it's off for a quick costume change, and a cameo appearance (as Tweet McFirth, in a snakeskin suit) as Mayie LaBird explains how she ended up on a nest with an egg:

I was down in Fort Worth, just a girl on the wing,
When I met Tweet McFirth--0h, could that night owl sing!
We spend three weeks of bliss, then the usual segue,
He flew off to San Juan, leaving me with this egg.
Now I'm bored and I'm cranky and tired, sitting day after day.
Who knew so much work was required? I'd much rather play!
I need a vacation, I'm due for some rest--
Hey Horton, would you maybe like to sit on my nest?

All our shows end with acknowledgements of the directors, light and sound crews, and finally, the glory goes to God!

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Esther Glenn said...

My school is doing this play, Seussical. Do you still have your costumes? Are they available for rent or purchase?