Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'Tis the Season

It's that time of year--time for recitals, concerts and shows!

Our string began last week with the Christmas Concert at Blondechick and Bantam14's school. It was a combined effort with the band, the orchestra, the mixed choir, the show choir, the girls' choir, the boys' choir, and the drama club. B14 sang with the boys' and the mixed (or middle school) choir. There were only three boys in the mixed choir--a very tall one, a very short one, and one average size boy. B14 was the tall one, strategically placed next to the short boy, of course. He has never complained about being in the choir--which I expected, since we required him to take one music class and that was his only option--and it was good to see him up there singing!

Blondechick sang beautifully with the girls' and the high school choir--next session she wants to pick up show choir, too, which she made and had to drop because of too many other involvements. (She had to drop Little Shop of Horrors, too, a musical at the public school she auditioned for last spring, and in which she was cast as one of the Doo-Wop trio that sings throughout. Rehearsals are going on now, without her...but at least she got all her Driver's Ed classes in, as of last night, and she got her permit early!)

Next was a Holiday Dance Show and Social which Bantam10 and Chicklet7 were slated to appear in, tap-dancing and jazz-dancing, respectively. C7 started out the year in Ballet, but was growing tired of it; then one week she missed Ballet and took a Jazz class as a make-up, and loved it! Since it was at the same time as B10's Tap class, I was all for switching her. One less place to go each week!

The only problem was that for the Holiday Show, she was a little behind on learning the routine. Then B10 missed a week or two and also felt behind when he returned. The Academy emailed a video link so that their students could practice at home, and I nagged them both until they did.

That led to a great Mom-moment. On the way out of dance class, B10 said earnestly, "Mom, thank you SO MUCH for making me practice! Now I really know the dance!"

Thank you SO MUCH for making me practice? All these years as a mom, and I think that was the first time I've ever heard that combination of words spoken by one of my children!

(Here's another insight, from the same kid. I asked him if he minded being the only boy in his tap class, and he said, "No, girls are human too.")

Anyway, he nailed his "Happy Holidays" routine at the show and was so pleased with himself, and thanks to all our practicing, Chicklet performed to "Jingle Bell Rock" with confidence and relative accuracy. And a festive time was had by all!

Next up is Christmas Eve. We are having a children's choir this year, which somehow I ended up directing, and they are singing The Friendly Beasts"--"Jesus our brother, kind and good/Was humbly born in a stable rude/And the friendly beasts around Him stood/Jesus our brother, kind and good." B10 and C7 have been practicing "I, said the Donkey" and "I, said the Dove" besides memorizing first and last verses. It should be a sweet addition to our 5:00 family-friendly Christmas Eve service.

Fortunately the piano, guitar and cornet teachers did not choose to hold holiday recitals this year...because we all need to practice for our upcoming all-church Soup Supper and Talent Show on New Year's Eve! Blondechick17 and Bantam10 both are doing duets with friends from church, Papa Rooster is singing, and I am going to recite a poem or two. All light-hearted and entertaining fare, of course. And Bantams 14 and 10 need to work up their auditions for our theater group's next show, Disney's Mulan. Auditions are two weeks after Christmas Day!

One other show we attended was a Holiday Ice Show that two of our friends from church were in--they are 10 and 7, good friends of B10 and C7. They were the only ice dancers in the show and they were terrific, doing the "Stray Cat Strut." Papa Rooster tested his budding photography skills against the lighting and action challenges and got some good shots!

They're going to be big stars someday, and you can all say, "Oh, I remember them from Jeanne's blog!" ;)

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