Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Interrupt This Travelogue...

So I had to get Bantam19 off to college.  Lots of laundering and loving advice and last-minute trips to Walmart.  At his dorm on Saturday morning, I helped him unpack everything, make his bed and start a new list of things we forgot.  He liked his room and looked comfortable in it.

We met his roommate, the nicest kid, whose dad works at the college--and his family lives in Kenosha!  He was planning to attend his home church for one more Sunday and offered to bring B19 back if he wanted to come. (Which he did, badly, because it was the ordination service for Mr. A--co-founder of our church--as a deacon!  It was a big day in the short history of Light of Christ and a celebration not to be missed!)

So when we said goodbye, after the orientation, the kick-off chapel service and the family BBQ picnic, I knew I'd be seeing him in the morning.  Maybe that's why I didn't cry.  All the way home, I wondered why I didn't feel more teary.  I imagine it's simply because he's so close.  A half an hour away--I can see him any time I want.  I know three men who live in Kenosha and work at Trinity, and Papa Rooster works nearby a couple days a week too, so I can send and receive things from him anytime there's a need.

But I think, too, that I am just too happy to cry. I have been given more than I am losing. He is happy.  He is making friends, he tells us, and fitting in and having fun.  And I am happy. This is something I really, really want for him, and with his autism, it's never been a "given" like it sort of is for our other kids.  In fact, it's possible that this experience will be very short-lived.  But I don't think so.  I have a confidence that he will do well enough, academically, to pass his classes.  I have a feeling that professors, advisors and even other students will take him under their wing and make sure of it.  He has a way of engaging people's support and friendship by his delightful eccentricities!

There was another boy there that Evan recognized.  "Hey, it's Nick!" he said.

"How do you know him?"  I asked.

"Oh, we were in the same homeroom.  We did devotions together every Friday."

"WHAT??"  I didn't know where to begin.  "You had a Christian friend at school that you were that close with, and you never mentioned it?"

"Sorry, Mom."  (Teenage boys!!)

"And you did devotions with him every Friday, and you never talked about where you were going to college?"

"Well, I told him, but he didn't tell me!"  B19 defended himself.  "I think maybe he didn't know yet."

So.  Check off an answered prayer with a post-date.  God is so, so good.

And so good to confirm this college decision with very unexpected financial blessings, that made it clear that we could/should send him now and not dither about the finances and whether we ought to wait.  God has led us so clearly down this last-minute path!

I am so happy for B19.  Classes begin Wednesday.


Mrs. Smith said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!! He is so faithful and give us so many good, good gifts! I am doing a happy dance for you!

Moyra said...

Hope it all continues to go well.

I'll keep praying for B19, especially as classes begin, that he makes friends and as he settles into life away from home.

jill said...

I'm so thrilled and happy about this news for you all. He'll be in our prayers. Isn't it good that at least on God's roller coaster we're always strapped in?

Anonymous said...

This is soooo cool!!

I'm very happy for your boy. He'll be in my prayers.

Jen in Seattle