Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soccer Season

Auditions for Schoolhouse Rock were last Friday night...and we weren't there.  It would have been Chicklet's first show too.

Instead, we are playing soccer!  Bantam15 has been playing with the Christian school's JV team since before school started, and he's doing well for a kid who hasn't played in years.  He's had a couple of notable firsts:  He made the first JV goal of the season, and while playing in a varsity game for just a few minutes, he got the first yellow card of the season.

Now, you may wonder what that means...and so did my boy.  He had been running after another player who had the ball, when that player stopped suddenly with the ball.  B15 couldn't stop, plowed into him and knocked him down.  He heard the whistle and saw the yellow card, so he went over to the ref and tried to take it.  The ref stared him down and made it clear that it was HIS yellow card and he would keep it, thank you very much.  Meanwhile B15's coach and all his teammates were falling off the bench in laughter.  Then play resumed, and one of the other players had to tell B15 that he needed to get off the field, he wasn't allowed to play for a time--that's what a yellow card means.

The next day, for a joke, the coach gave him his very own yellow card, that he can keep!

He's the blondest member of the family, we like to tease him.

Bantam11 kept asking me if there was somewhere he could play soccer too.  I had just begun looking into it, when a friend called and invited him to play on the same team!  And that was that.  Then B5 said he really wanted to play soccer, and his friend wanted to play too, so his mom and I signed them up on a team together.  They missed the first game, but they were given their uniforms, and now B5 wants to wear his all the time.  He even wants to put on his shinguards and hand-me-down cleats (from B11's days on a 5-year-old team), though it takes him forever.  But he looks unbelievably cute in his red-and-black, oversized official attire.

Chicklet8 said she was fine with not playing.  I'm not sure why, since she loved the soccer camp back in June.  But I didn't press, since I really didn't want to add a third night of practice a week, and a third game time, and another fee, if she wasn't that eager.

So for a season, I guess I'm a soccer mom!

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Loved the story about the yellow card!!!