Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yes, We Started School...

...and that's about all I have time to say!

Bantam11 is enrolled in an online public school, iQ Academy.  So far, so good!  He's been able to work independently, for the most part, and he has really enjoyed his two virtual classroom sessions so far.

Chicklet7 is doing the Little Lincoln second-grade program through Wisconsin Virtual Learning (another public online school), and overall, I am impressed and pleased with it.  (I was really delighted with the large bin full of school supplies that they sent to go along with it, including math manipulatives, a microscope with mounted slides, a wooden geometry 3-D set, markers, colored pencils, paper of all sorts, letter and blend cubes, maps, workbooks, reading books, scissors, an ink pad, thermometer, calibrated scales--and waaay more.) However, it's been a challenging amount of reading and writing for Chicklet, who is a little behind, I know.  So this is really good for her, and she's enjoying it, but it's been time-consuming.

Bantam5 is just starting kindergarten, and he's been working through a numbers workbook, and coloring, and watching Chicklet's Little Lincoln videos.  I'm eager to spend more time with him once we have the hang of things with the online schools. 

Blondechick 17 and Bantam15 both started school last week and are settling in nicely to their senior and freshman years at the private Christian school they attended last year.  B15 is playing soccer on the JV team, and Blondechick is on the chapel worship team as a singer.  She was excited to also be selected to co-lead the worship team that ministers at the elementary school chapel time.  She decided to do show choir again, and she managed to convince B15 to do it too, which I could hardly believe. (When he stopped doing musical theater, I think he thought he was done with choreography forever!)  They are both in regular choir together and think it's fun to have one class together; they've started fundraising together for a March choir trip and competition in San Diego.  Blondechick is driving them back and forth to school and bringing B15 home after practices, and I am sooooo grateful.

Bantam19 is doing well at college--yay! He hasn't missed a class or an assignment yet--yay!  He's making friends and he sounds so happy--YAY!!!  He's coming home for Labor Day weekend, and we are eager to see him and hopefully hear more from him.  ("It's going well" is about as much as he volunteers, without my stream of questions.)

Well, back to school....


Debbie said...

This is all great news! Glad to hear the kids are settling into school well, no matter what the form!

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

I wish we had planned to come up for Labor Day, but then maybe you need the quiet "family time"...Love, Pianomum