Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cross Country & Concert Choir

What can you say about cross country? It's a lot of running.

Here's Bantam15, competing in a 5K, near the beginning of the course.

Here he looks like he's working a little harder, doesn't he?

He ended up liking cross country better than he did at the beginning.  He was naturally pretty good at it.  He never trained like most of the other team members, since he was tied up in soccer practices instead, and still posted respectable times.  Now he's thinking maybe he'll try it again next year.

And what can you say about choir?  It's a lot of singing.

This was the first year for both Blondechick17 and Bantam15 to sing together in the high school concert choir.  (They're both just left of the right-hand microphone; she's in the front row, he's two heads above hers.)

Show choir, on the other hand, involves more than just singing.
(Click to enlarge:  Blondechick is in the front row, far left; B15 is the tall guy in the center.)

Somehow, Blondechick talked B15 into doing show choir with her.  I don't know what he thought he was getting into.  He came home after one of the practices saying he was going to drop out after the concert, because it was all CHOREOGRAPHY--uttered as if the word itself had a bad taste.

But he changed his tune later on.  Said it was fun, once he actually knew the dance.

What teenage guy doesn't love him a little air guitar?

The choir is raising money to go to San Diego next March to perform and compete. (Donations accepted!)

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