Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've been waiting eagerly for the last of my Christmas gifts from Papa Rooster to arrive...

a pre-ordered copy of this long-awaited book.

Ann is the friend and blogger at Holy Experience that I've been recommending for years!  And I'm lovin' the book even more, if that's possible, than her blog. 

It's longer.  It tells more about her life and her story, tying together events and ideas she's posted on her blog.

And the content...it is touching the deepest longings of my heart!   Here's a taste.


Lisa said...

The video made me cry! I feel my moments with the kids are going so fast, I want to stop time. I meet with 3 other mothers and we have been looking for a book to read. I think we have found it.

Linds said...

I can't wait for mine to arrive - any day now! Are you joining the Bloom book club at (in)courage?

At A Hen's Pace said...


It would be an excellent book to read and discuss! In fact, there is going to be an online book discussion at the site Linds mentions.


I was planning to check out the discussion. I guess I better go read more carefully about "joining" something...!



Anonymous said...


can't thank you enough for introducing me to ann a few years back (did you know? you posted something from one of her blogs and i've been eating her up ever since...)

i bought the book and am on my second reading, which is even better than the first. i would like to read it aloud to steve, but we haven't started that yet. i am praying for the discipline to let it truly change me and my ACTIONS (as she talks about) not just in my head.

so, friend, thank you again. ironically, i was in oshkosh the week of the great blizzard, and thought of you all... glad you are safe. i was so grateful to have made it right before and left after things were cleaned up a bit...

really miss you guys and wish we could connect. i'm trying to figure out your chore chart system. sounds good...but i'm not good with actually executing charts. i should try though.

i'm rambling now... blessings to you and yours,

At A Hen's Pace said...


So nice to hear from you! I miss you guys and wish we knew more what is going on with your church, your kids, your music, your LIFE! We do pray for you all and especially Stuart. Sorry we couldn't have seen you while you were in the state, but it wasn't good weather for traveling, that's for sure! Glad the storm didn't upset your travel plans. Love to all--Jeanne