Sunday, February 06, 2011

Go Pack! ?

So you may have noticed that we are not a huge sports family.

But we do usually watch the Super Bowl, since my husband is a businessman as well as a priest, and he'd look...well...pretty out of touch at work on Monday, now, wouldn't he?  And since our new state is home to a pretty awesome football team, there's even more reason not to miss the Big Game today.

Some of us are a bit ambivalent about the Pack, though. Although B11 has only watched a couple solid hours of football in his life, he's a die-hard Bears fan, who had orange-and-blue bands on his braces for the playoff game.  Now that Da Bears are out of the Big Game, he says he's for the Steelers.  B15 says he liked the Packers when we lived in IL; now that we are from WI, he doesn't like them anymore:  He's rooting for the Steelers. Go figure.

Blondechick and I agree that we basically like both Da Bears and the Pack.  We didn't really care too much which one won the playoff game; it was exciting to think that the winner--one of our two home teams--would be in the Super Bowl.  So we're both rooting for the Packers, just as wholeheartedly as we would have for the Bears if they had won two weeks ago.  Go Team!

Papa Rooster says he has always liked the Packers, since his dad was an admirer of Vince Lombardi back in the day.  I wonder if he'll work The Game into his sermon?  Fittingly, he'll be wearing the appropriate stole for the liturgical season, which is green with gold fringe and embroidery. "Not an endorsement," he tells me. Hmm.

We've invited friends over, and I don't even know who they'll be rooting for.  The good news is, they'll have company!

Are you watching the game?  Do you have a favorite team?

(I was delighted to see a kid at theater practice today wearing a Cincinnati Bengals cap.  Ah, the team of my youth!)


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

I am a Bears fan from way back (ya know, the 1985 season, when everybody was a Bears fan). I don't generally dislike the Packers, but I am nursing a grudge at the moment, since they beat out the Bears to get into this game.

So, like a family friend who once listed his two favorite football teams as "The Bears and whoever is playing against the Giants," I was determined to root for the team playing against the Packers today--whoever they ended up being. In the end, I do like the Steelers, though, so it works out. :)

At A Hen's Pace said...

Well.... May the best team win!



Anonymous said...

The priest at my parish made a point of saying the same thing your husband said... "these colors have nothing to do with a particular team."

I am the person least-interested in football in my circle of friends, I can't really say I cared about the game. Liked the VW Darth Vader commercial, though.