Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bantam12!!

No, he's not opening birthday presents in this picture; it's from Christmas. And yes, he's super-excited about getting jeans for Christmas.

(Not just jeans--skinny jeans.  Or "skinny pants," as we like to call them, harking back to "stretchy pants" from El Nacho Libre.)

Anyway, I love B12's enthusiastic personality.  He's interested and talented in so many things--piano, acting, singing, tap dancing, improv, art, writing, graphic novels, the Redemption card game, Legos and soccer.  Papa Rooster and I speculate all the time about what he'll eventually end up doing with his life!

He's also got his endearing little quirks, like really hating to wear a shirt, and loving silky bed sheets and a particular soft fleece jacket.  But he loves hand-me-downs from his big brother and listens carefully to his fashion advice.  Thus the skinny jeans at the top of his Christmas wishlist.  Well, one down from an enormous Lego set.

Such an interesting age.  Still a kid in so many delightful ways...but starting to leave childish things behind him. He told me just a couple days ago that he's not as interested in Legos as he used to be, and he and I both had a moment of mourning over that.

But today, for his "golden birthday" (meaning he's 12 years old on the 12th), 11 other boys are invited for a Lego Building Contest!  B20 is home from college for the weekend, so that he can be a judge for the event.  Every Lego creation will be awarded a prize.  They're also going to play "Creationary" which is like Pictionary, except with Legos.  B12 planned the whole thing on his own.

So, welcome to the Golden Year, B12.  Twelve is a great age.  You're at the top of the childhood totem pole, but there's no pressure to feel or act like a teenager yet.  You are such a delightful member of our family, and we love you so much.  May God bless you, son, today and always!!

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