Thursday, March 17, 2011

Praying for Japan

It's hard to imagine a situation such as the one in Japan right now.  My life goes on as usual, and the many needs, distractions, choices and decisions of the day occupy my mind to the point that I can't even remember to pray consistently for those people on the other side of the globe who are suffering so much.

Yesterday I read a letter from the Anglican Archbishop of Japan, describing efforts made to communicate with the churches in the devastated areas.  No one knows if these churches or their congregations still exist or not.  He described relief efforts they are trying to organize.  They sound nearly as helpless as I feel, but he ended with this paragraph:

What we can do right now, however, is pray. Prayer has power. I hope and request that you pray for the people who are affected, for those who have died and for their families. Pray for the people involved with the rescue efforts, and in particular pray for Tohoku and Kita Kanto dioceses and their priests and parishioners during this time of Lent.

After I read this, I asked B12 and Chicklet8 to stop and join me to pray for the people in Japan.  We got on our knees and took turns praying earnestly out loud for families who don't know if their relatives are alive, for children who have lost parents and parents who have lost children, for families who have no homes, for relief workers trying to rescue people, for people who need rescuing and have not been found yet.  After the last "Amen," the children didn't move.  They stayed on their knees.

After a few moments, C8 got a pencil and went to the refrigerator, where I had hung a large sheet of paper with the title "We are thankful for...."  I had hung it weeks ago, meaning to have a family meeting to invite the kids, as part of Lent, to cover it with words and phrases.  But life has been too busy, or I forgot to seize the moment, and I had begun to wonder if anyone would just...begin to write on it.  The title did explain it all.

Deliberately, Chicklet wrote, "My family, my friends, my home!"

Her instinct, in the midst of intercession, was to give thanks.  And she was exactly right.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  (Phil. 4:6)

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Hen Jen said...

yes, we are praying for Japan, it's all so heartbreaking. Chicklet got it exactly right :)