Friday, March 25, 2011


Debated about whether to announce this, but since we are leaving so many people at our house, maybe it's safe to say...the blog will be resting for the next week or so while Papa Rooster and I get away--somewhere warm, without cell phone service and without internet (well, free internet) for an early celebration of twenty-five years of marriage!  

December 20 has always been a bad time to try to get away, and we always say, "we'll do something after the holidays."  Then we never do.  For this anniversary, it seemed appropriate to make sure we get it in by going early!

Papa Rooster is bringing his camera, so I should have lots of pics to post when we return.

My beach reading list:

The Rest of God:  Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath (Mark Buchanan)
Between Sundays (Karen Kingsbury) (Blondechick recommended)
Ellis Island & Other Stories (Mark Helprin)
Making Room for Life:  Trading Chaotic Lifestyles for Connected Relationships (Randy Frazee) (from Papa Rooster)

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Moyra said...

Hope you and Papa Rooster have a fantastic time!