Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebrating Our Girlie

Today is Blondechick's high school graduation party!  It's the perfect opportunity to share photos Papa Rooster has taken that I haven't had time to post...and recap her senior year activities at the same time.

Worship Team.  She's been a lead vocalist on one of the school's student-led worship teams all year, and she has loved it.  She hopes to continue in this role at college.  (all photos--click to enlarge)

Her last time singing in Chapel.  (They have it once a week.)

Choir.  A few weeks ago she performed with her show choir, Guys 'n' Dolls, for the last time.  (They also performed this number on their choir tour in California, and at the local and state levels at Solo and Ensemble contest.)

Notice that B16 is there too (the tall guy in back wearing glasses). They have really enjoyed being in Choir and Show Choir together, so their final concert was bittersweet for all of us. B16 is really going to miss his sister next year, though he's also eager to spread his wings alone. And her? She says she wishes she could put him in a dress and make him Maid of Honor in her wedding! I blame their unusual closeness on their years of homeschooling. (More at-times-needed evidence to myself that all my effort was worth it!)

(And thanks to you, Matt, I now think of the Holy Father every time I type "B16"!)

It's a choir tradition that the seniors perform one number alone. This year their song was "Lean on Me," the Glee version, with a lot of jazz riffs which the choir teacher asked Blondechick to solo on.  Here she is, really gettin' into it!

Don't have a picture of it, but she also sang second soprano in a trio at Solo and Ensemble, getting excellent marks at both local and state level for their rendition of the folk song "Nelly Bly."

Senior Prom.

She was really pleased with how her hair turned out, and I was happy to have helped with it.  I was researching medieval hairstyles for Robin Hood, when I came across a few images I thought Blondechick might like for prom.  From them, she pulled ideas together and went to two florists that evening, but neither had the red rosebuds.  So the morning of prom, while she was at school, I tracked down the roses, Papa Rooster took B12 and Chicklet to their piano lesson, and I was able to go to her hair appointment with her and paint her nails while the stylist did her hair. It was good to be able to spend that hour with her on a significant day in her life, in the midst of such a busy season.  It seems it's all flown by so quickly....


This is kind of a bittersweet topic as well, because the women's soccer season continues through June here, her team was just seeded number one in their division!, and she's out with a knee injury--probably for the season, her doctor thinks.  (She just had an MRI yesterday, so we'll see what it shows.  She's off her crutches, at least.)

But it was a joy to watch her play!

She's got nuttin' if she ain't got hustle!

She's been a starting forward on the varsity team this whole season.

She thought about playing soccer in college, but has decided that it's too big of a time commitment. So this is it for her.  Would you say a prayer for her knee, that she might be able to play in a couple more games before her soccer career ends?

Mugging for the camera....

And finally....


Though the doctor ordered them, notice she isn't on crutches!

What a privilege to have been her teacher, from kindergarten through ninth grade, and then to watch her build so wonderfully on that foundation:  She was inducted into National Honor Society this year and ended up on the highest honor roll for the year, with an excellent cumulative GPA.  In college, she's thinking of majoring in either Communications or--get ready for it--English/Literature!  This is my daughter who never reads for pleasure--but she enjoyed the reading for her British Literature class this year so much, and found the writing part so easy, that she's now considering this major, to her mother's amazement and joy.  But I'll be delighted with whatever she studies!

Couldn't be more proud of our girlie!


MomCO3 said...

Hooray, Blondechick!
P.S. My brother was my Brother-of-honor at my wedding.

At A Hen's Pace said...


Interesting!!! Did you still have a Maid of Honor too?

Matt said...

wonderful photos!