Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Drivin' Forward in Faith

Now that the school year has ended, I have the time to put in on a couple of big projects--helping Blondechick plan her wedding, and helping B20 find a job.  There's not much to tell yet on Job A, except we're going to look at wedding and reception venues this week!

On Job B....  We attended the mandatory informational meeting at the Kenosha DVR (Department of Vocational Rehabilitation), and it sounds like the whole process is going to be slow, and we ought to do our best to find him employment without their help.  He's filled out applications at several places, and then I thought to take him to Manpower, the temporary agency.

That visit was most encouraging. A woman there spent a lot of time with us, and it sounds likely that he'll be a good fit for a client that will have openings in just another week or so.  It would begin as a temporary position, but should lead to employment if he does a good job.  So we are praying that this will all come about!

In the meantime, I was looking at bus routes to get him to work, and not finding anything promising.  But the car route wasn't too bad of a drive, I noticed.  I talked with Papa Rooster about it, and we each had the same sudden inner conviction.  Though he makes us nervous, B20 would be just fine driving himself to and from work.

He passed his driver's test, after all--a year ago.  In fact, almost exactly a year ago, I began to realize, fighting back panic as I looked through a file drawer for his road test results.  As they continued to elude me, I thought, "What if I find them and they just expired yesterday?"  My next thought was, "Well, Lord, if that's the case, then we'll know it's because he shouldn't be driving.  It's in your hands, Lord."

This was last Friday afternoon.  The DMV would be closed on the weekend, probably.

And the test results were dated--June 14!  The following Tuesday--today, in fact.

So yesterday, we "cashed in" his road test results for a Wisconsin driver's license.  He didn't want to drive home. It's been a year since he's driven, and we had the 15-passenger van because we were dropping off a bike at the bike repair place afterwards.

But once he has a job and we figure out a vehicle for him, we'll get him up to speed again. When he had his learner's permit, we had him driving everywhere, but he'll be a lot more comfortable driving the same roads every day.

It's funny how sometimes God nudges you along.  That very night, after Papa R and I had decided he ought to get his license, I was meeting with some women from our church, and they ended up sharing stories of elderly relatives or clients who were driving long past the time that someone should have taken away their car keys. So I told them that we were thinking of letting B20 get his license, and they agreed that he'd probably be just fine.  (His vision, hearing and reflexes are fine, after all!) Then one friend commented that being a good driver has a lot to do with noticing things that are unusual or out of the ordinary, and that is one facet of B20's autism--he's very observant about things that are out of place.  Her comment seemed like a confirmation from the Lord that if the route is familiar, he'll do fine.

And I am feeling dizzy with relief at no longer being The One Driving Him Back and Forth to Work Every Day.  I woke up one morning a couple weeks ago filled with anxiety about that role. I didn't even think, then, of him getting his license after all, but God heard my prayers and I believe this is truly His answer, not mine.

The less-exciting news is that now we have to start paying for auto insurance for him. (At least he turns 21 in 6 months!) But if gets a job, he's happy to pay his own insurance, and pay us back for a car too.

So we're drivin' forward in faith...that he'll get the job...that we'll find cheap wheels for him when the time comes...that he'll be safe...and so will those around him!

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