Friday, June 03, 2011

Heigh Ho, Robin Hood! (Part Two)

So in my last post, I said that it's swordfighting and adventure that make Robin Hood different from other shows.

Robin Hood always gets his man...and so does B12!  
But Robin Hood also has singing...

B12 in front row

(Little John is cheating.)
And pathos.  One of the sub-plots involved this old widow and her three grandchildren, taxed to the last farthing by the Sheriff of Nottingham, who enter Sherwood Forest seeking assistance from Robin Hood.  This is their reaction as scary-looking Little John approaches.  That's Chicklet8 on the right, who has the next line:  "I'm afraid, Grandmother."

Here she explains, "The Sheriff took ALL our money!"

To the tall stranger (really King Richard) she denounces "the horrible old Sheriff!"

She had a lot of fun in the crowd scenes too.
That's one of B16's friends on stilts right behind her!

Little John reminisces about the first time he met Robin Hood.  You know the story...
How they both wanted to cross a bridge and decided their staffs would have to settle the impasse, the fight ending with Robin Hood in the water...pulling Little John in, when he offers his hand to help Robin out.

Will Scarlet also shares the story of his first meeting with Robin Hood, not recognizing him, sword fighting with him, then discovering that his dueling partner is his cousin, Robin Hood!

Then B12 steps up.  "I remember the first time I met Robin.  He was walking in the forest and I was walking in the forest.  And I stepped on a stick.  And he turned around and looked at me.  And I kinda...waved at him."

This little story is followed by silence and the sound effect of crickets chirping.  "Good story!" Will Scarlet finally exclaims, clapping B12 on the shoulder.  B12 enjoyed his part and got a laugh every show.

Look closely at Maid Marian's dress, as she suffers the unwanted attentions of Prince John.
Blondechick wore this same dress, six years ago, when she was a Maiden in Robin Hood!  The gold band has been added to the bottom, and the cape at the shoulders, but the rest of the dress and the headpiece are the same. (Hmm, I wonder if we could find a picture of her in it?)

Oh, so many reasons why this was one of my favorite shows EV-ER.  So thankful...

To God!

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