Friday, July 22, 2011

Dis-Engagement *UPDATED*

I mentioned previously that we were *almost* ready to settle on a reception venue for Blondechick’s wedding next June. But we were waiting…because the groom-to-be was having second thoughts.

He just wasn’t ready.

So Blondechick gave back the ring. “Give it to me again, when you’re ready,” she said.

They are still dating. Still “engaged” on Facebook. Still considering marriage, down the line.

Just not next summer.

(UPDATE:  She's decided to enter college as a single gal.  They've broken up.)

And there has been relief all around. Parents, of course. The couple? Relieved to just be happy-go-lucky kids again, without the burden of planning for the rest of their lives!

Blondechick is suddenly able to think clearly about college, and has decided to go to Trinity International University (TIU) after all. She was working on convincing us to let her live at home and go to the same local school that she thought she’d be transferring to after marriage. But now, she’s going to go take that music scholarship, be in Trinity’s concert choir, take gen eds and think about what she really wants to do with the next couple of years.

And in the next couple of weeks…buy books and dorm room supplies!

We think it was a mature and courageous decision. It’s tough to admit that maybe they made a mistake, especially when their engagement was so public. But it seems like the right decision for now, for them. Giving themselves a few more years to mature, and their relationship the test of time, seems wise and advisable.

Me? I’m relieved to not be planning a wedding any more. This next year will have a better chance of being a sabbatical for me now, which I intend by putting B6 and C8 in school. The only thing I’m slightly disappointed about is...not gaining the extra bedroom upstairs. I was going to give it to Chicklet when Blondechick moved out. Now I have to re-think room arrangements, or leave things as they are a little longer, although Chicklet is getting a little old to share with her brother….

But that’s for another post!


Anonymous said...

It seems like she has handled this in such a mature way - plenty of girls who sensed that their boyfriend/fiance was having second thoughts would just cling on all that much tighter...and end up causing more problems. Good for her to have a clear head.

Jen in Seattle

Linds said...

Amazing maturity, Jeanne - they may well get married in a while, but they were strong enough to decide to wait. I am very proud of them! Sigh....this bloggy business makes me a blog-auntie, you see. And she gets to take up her scholarship. Wonderful.
And I really think that a sabbatical for you will be perfect. You have been moving at the speed of light for as long as I have known you!

At A Hen's Pace said...


Yes, it was hard for her not to cling tighter. I am so pleased with her good sense!


I am delighted that you feel like a blog-auntie--my kids are blessed to have your concern and prayers! And you are right about my light-speed life too. Glad you approve! ;)